Monday, January 16, 2006

I Wonder As I Wander. Then I Just Get Really Confused.

Something is happening to my mind. I'm losing control of the memory function and not in a good way.

I have mentioned my fabulous memory. I believe I have indicated that I have almost no ability to recall important stuff. But until recently I was able to at least remember why I was in a certain place.

Here's the thing. Lately I've been finding myself standing, say, in front of the linen closet with absolutely NO clue as to why I might be there. There really are very few reasons why I would be standing in front of the linen closet. I could be there looking for clean sheets. Maybe a table cloth. (Though that's pretty unlikely since we are backwoods Utah people and we usually just eat things right from the boxes in which they were delivered.) I suppose it's even possible that I might be there looking for that bag of Hershey's Kisses I stashed there weeks ago. (Thank heavens I still remember the chocolate-related information.) But whatever the reason for my presence there might be, I. Do. Not. Remember. It.

I admit that at first this was amusing. A little game in retracing my steps. Finding myself in the laundry room holding a tennis racket and a box of cereal and trying to find the connection was good for a few minutes of entertainment. But now it's starting to worry me.

What happened to my mind? Did aliens come and steal my memory chip during the night? Is Mike poisoning me a little at a time and memory loss is but the first symptom? Am I suffering from early dementia?

Truthfully, I've been kind of worried about this. But the other day Michael yelled from downstairs, "Honey?"

"I am standing on the stairs to the basement."
"Well, I'm just wondering if you have any thoughts about WHY I'm here because I've tried but I just can't remember what I'm doing here."

So at least I'm not alone. But I hope there's a good explanation for this. I have visions of us driving aimlessly around town desperately searching for a clue to explain why we're out.

Does anyone else suffer from this? Just be aware that if you tell me that it's because I'm getting older I will smack you. As long as I remember the purpose of my visit once I'm actually standing in front of you, that is.


Ronni said...

It's a Winter thing. Once you can open all the windows and air out your house, you'll be fine. All the toxins from the synthetic carpet, paint, etc., are still trapped inside, and you're breathing them.

You just don't remember going through it last year.

Starlet in the Making said...

I must say, I enjoyed reading your blog very much. Have a nice day!

Stacey said...

Well, Ronni, I must say that is quite reassuring. I hope I remember that.

Starlet, thanks for posting!

Justin said...

Stace - Atleast you are wise enough not to ask Mike for help - his secret is out! Well, I guess yours is now too.

Reading when I can and loving it! You are spectacular, dear.

Deege said...

Ha! Nope, it's old age approaching! *ducks*

Just wait until you feel like getting a drink of water in the kitchen, but as you enter you notice a bill on the counter that should go out. So, you take the bill and put it in the mailbox. Then that reminds you that you have another bill to pay, so go to get the checkbook, and on the way you notice the there is dust on the table. You set the checkbook down, and go back to the kitchen to get a dust rag, but as you grab the rag, you notice there is a glass at the sink, but you don't know why. You notice there are a few dishes in the sink, so you start to rinse them off, but you notice the dog's food dish is empty. You go to get some dog food and on the way you see the there are leaves on the floor, brought in by the dog. You go to get the vacuum......

Yep - that's my day!

Stacey said...

Justin, I actually cut a segment very much like that from the entry! Cut for length. I'm beginning to be paranoid because the entries are too long, you know.

Hubby said...

I was wondering how the cereal got in the laundry room! My morning routine is hard enough... jeez! Well... at least you didn't try to use milk instead of detergent. Remember - I have the dibs on getting alzheimers FIRST! ;)

Stacey said...

Hi Honey!

Tell ya what, you can have Alzheimer's first IF you'll start pretending you are actually older than I am. Deal?

(That's really my hubby! Isn't he cute?)

Ronni said...

I found TP in the freezer, once. Nobody would admit to putting it there, so I'm forced to admit that it just might have been me!

Hi, Hubby!

Ronni said...

At least you have a basement!

We don't do basements in this part of Texas. There's this stuff called "caliche" that is about a foot below the topsoil. It's nothing but a fancy name for limestone.

karenancy said...

Stacey, this is my first visit to your blog. Great stuff, keep it coming.

I started at the top and am reading down. I can't even finish the driving in Utah entry in one sitting, it is too too funny.

I had to stop and take a breather after the "it's alright, I'm with them" concept of travelling through a red light.

I have to go do some more work now before I can earn the right to come back for more laughs.

Stacey said...

karenancy! I'm so glad to see you here!

(Mom, this is the lady who gives us the "Just For Today" thoughts!)

Monica said...

Don't feel too bad, Stacey. My next door neighbor smelled something fowl (heh) in his basement room for days. He looked under his bed, behind his dresser, and everywhere else he could think to locate the source of the odor. Finally his mom said, "Oh, I think I know what the stink is all about. I pulled some frozen chicken out of the freezer in the utility room and decided to put some of your clothes away at the same time." She had placed the frozen chicken in one of his open drawers and forgot. She told him she got back upstairs and thought to herself, "I went all the way down there for chicken and came upstairs empty handed." It only took 3 days (and stinch) for her to figure out what she had done.

loretta said...

I recommend ginko biloba. Not to be confused with Bilbo or Frodo Baggins.

That, and adding about 10% more consciousness to your life works wonders.

I find that when I am on autopilot, I forget why I walked into a room or what I was just about to say or read.

If I just focus a little, it's much better.

I think it's just a bad habit of being a little flaky. It's a sign of genius.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy,
Just leaving a comment, you have a nice blog.


Nadine said...

Stacey, after reading your latest entry I'm more convinced than ever that we must be related. We are compulsive doers. We can't pass up a project that needs attention.

Deege is a close second. I remember going to get Hubs a glass of water for a scratchy throat, and well, you can guess what happened.

By the time he staggered into the kitchen with his last breath to get his own water, I was cleaning the stove and organizing the cabinets. This is but one paltry incident that happened over 20 years ago, but he still brings it up. Go figure.

I love your stories, Stacey!

kez said...

Personally, I put it down to a lack of chocolate.

I too love your blog and your sense of humour. As usual though,I'm around when everyone else has already said what I am thinking! So much for being in an early time zone LHAT

Kris said...

Great entry again, Stacey! Man, it sure would be fun to hang out w/you!

Loretta's right. Our bodies are on auto-pilot, while our minds are otherwise occupied.

I glam it up a bit by considering myself "nomadic" on those occasions. Sheesh, usually I've been interrupted several times on my way to any destination, you know? Kids, phone, something interesting on the radio, quick memo, etc. Yeah, yeah...that's it. That's the ticket! Heh.

Robin said...

Stace, you are so funny! I wish you'd try open mike night at a comedy club.

Stacey said...

Robin, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day. I can see it all now. I'll stand there and say, "Um...well, uh, okay there's a priest and a rabi, they um, they walked into a bar..."