Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pushing Buttons

So we did it. We moved. People keep asking if we're all settled in and I'm not entirely sure how to answer that. Okay, technically speaking, yes, all of our possessions are under one roof. Of course we can't put the cars in the garage, since it's full of boxes and I saw Son eating cereal out of a gravy boat the other day. I'm still not sure where the dishes all ended up. I have an idea, of course, but I'm more than a little afraid that finding them will involve sorting through the box warehouse formerly known as the garage and I'm just not ready to face that yet.

On the first day we were actually moving things into the house, I was taking a break (by break I mean "collapsing in a heap of overworked and only recently-discovered muscle groups while whimpering quietly") when Son called to me from the entry.

"Mom! Have you seen this? It's so AWESOME!"

"Have I seen what?"

"The alarm system, you should see this!"

Realizing that checking out the alarm system would mean moving my weary and very sore muscles more than I was willing to do unless someone set me on fire, I tried to stall by asking,

"Describe it to me?"

"Oh it's so cool, it's got buttons you can push to call people to help!"

"Oh? Is there a Moving Man button on there?"

"Funny. No. BUT there's a button for the police, one for the paramedics, one for the fire department and we've even got a button for the army!" He now had my full attention.

"The what?"

"The army!"

"We can call the army?"

"Yeah, this must be the deluxe model or something!"

Curiosity finally won out and I limped into the entry to investigate. "Okay, Kiddo, show me this system."

With his best Vanna White impression he pointed to the buttons on the alarm key pad. "See? Fire, medical, police and the army, only it has a police car icon instead of "police" and a red cross icon for medical, and a little flame for the fire department. But there's no icon for the army button. It just says ARM for short. Cool, huh?"

Very cool. Moving all those boxes should be a breeze with the army at my fingertips!


Jayson said...

Stacey's back! I kept checking and hoping and here you are! Keep it coming.

Stacey said...

Hey Jayson. Yeah, I've been busy with real life lately. Thanks for waiting for me!

Judy said...

Stacey, I don't know if you remember me from high school...Judy Lawrence (now Cunningham) and for most of the years of high school I was invisible until a seminary teacher took notice...but anyway....i loved this entry. Reminded me of our move to Texas. We called our house soon to be a home Box City. It looked like a city landscape made of cardboard. I think after living here for two years I can finally say we are settled. Let's just hope hubby doesn't have an aching to move again for awhile. I did call my hubby the day I emptied the last box and quoted Helen Parr (The Incredibles...we watch way to much Pixar around this house). My blog is just ramblings about our life here in West Texas so family up north can see us.

Stacey said...

Judy, yes of course I remember you! Funny how many people I remember from high school and yet I find it hard to fathom that anyone would remember ME.

Where is your blog? I'd love to check it out.

Judy said...

Yes I remember you. I had to look at pictures because in my old age names elude me. Our blog is We use to live in Lehi for 12 years. I miss somethings about it and others I don't. It was getting way to crowded for us. When we first moved in there was no stop light at all in Lehi! And main street exit did not have an on ramp to Salt Lake.

So are ya coming to the reunion?
We will be there.