Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Conversation With Son

So a few weeks ago, Hubs and I decided we needed to have a chat with Son.

"Son, there's something Dad and I want to talk to you about."

"Oh man. Am I getting a baby brother?"

"What? Where did THAT come from?"

"Well, whenever parents want to sit down and have a talk about something with their kid that's what they always want to talk about."

"Hang on, when have we ever in your entire 12 years of existence EVER sat you down to tell you you're getting a brother?"

"Fine. Then what do you want to talk about?"

"Well, actually we have agreed to have someone come live with us."

Son's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Someone? Who?"

"Not sure. All we know is he or she does not speak English, will need a room of his or her own and probably won't be housebroken." Son's eyes became huge. His face lit up with joy.

"Really?" he squeaked, "You're not just teasing right?"

"No! Really!"

"Seriously? Yay! We're getting a DOG!"

"Wait! No! We're not getting a dog!"

"But you said..."

"I know, but it's not a dog. This is better."

"What's better than a dog?"

"You can't think of anything that would be better?"

"Hmm. Nope."


"Nope. Wait, it's not an exchange student or something is it?"

Hubs looked at me for the go ahead. I nodded. Hubs turned to Son, smiled and said, "Actually, you were right the first time."

"I was?"


"Really? Well it's about time!"

"So you're excited then?"

"Are you kidding? I'm gettin' a DOG!"

"Hold it! No. We're NOT getting a dog. You're getting... a new brother or sister!"

"Oh. Right. Well, that's okay, I guess."

"Good. We're glad you're pleased."

"Yeah. dog then?"


His grandparents were a little more excited by the news. But then, they already have a dog.


Mgt said...

That's what you get for trying to be the smart ones! LOL

Using "spiel" on a child very seldom works. Knowing what a bright spark that boy of yours is....I mean, really, what did you expect?

It's the way you tell em, Stacey. You crack me up.

Abby Cousineau said...

email me right away. I need details!

Stacey said...

Mgt, I know, I know. One day I will learn. I hope.

Mgt said...

Get those feet up, Stacey, and relax. Yeah!

It's the only way to spend the weekend. Have a good one...!

Stacey said...

Thanks, Mgt. I'll be sure to do that. You know, just as soon as I finish the grocery shopping, laundry and going to work!

Judy said...

Congratulations Stacey. Wow! how exciting

Mgt said...

Ooph, Stacey. That sounds gruelling. Didn't realise that you work at the weekend.

Um, time to stop that!

BTW, I am so thrilled for you. I take it we can mention it now?

loretta said...

I hope it's a girl.

Nadine said...

Congratulations, Stacey!

I can't wait for the stories I know you'll tell while waiting for the Bambino!

Whatver you do, don't run out of chocolate covered pickles.

Ronni said...

Eggsellent. We have stuff...

Nadine said...

Um, you did tell Son he can't name the baby Skippy, right?

Mgt said...

Stacey, hope you are keeping well. In other words, no nausea or anything?

Eat chocolate. That was my solution.