Sunday, December 18, 2005

My own blog. What to do? What to do?

So I have my own blog now. I would like to state that the purpose for this blog is to enlighten others, to share my wisdom and humor, to discuss events of life and come to profound conclusions that will edify all who read here. The real reason, though, is that I recently learned that my brother has his own blog. Historically, anything he's had I've wanted and that includes chicken pox and a tonsilectomy. (Hey, he got a LOT of ice cream. Not to mention the attention.)I admit, I don't have many profound things to say, or great wisdom to impart. But I do find life pretty darned amusing most of the time and I also like to talk. A lot. I like to write, though I make mistakes. Way too many commas and apostrophes in inexplicable places. But I figure anyone willing to read what I have to say is going to have to be pretty tolerant and will overlook these things as I learn. So I'm going to give this a shot. If nothing else, I'm keeping up with my brother and after all, isn't that the most important thing? Exactly.


CountryGirl said...

Am I first? Yayyy! I've got you bookmarked and if it's ok, I'll put a link on my blog.

We can't let our brothers outdo us, now can we? Heh.


Nadine said...

Stacey, I'm so excited about your blog!

I'm really looking forward to reading here.

Ronni said...

It's about time!

LBW89 said...

You go, Stacey! I'll bookmark you and link you, as well.

Heh, I'll have not only an Episcopalian priest linked but a nice LDS girl as well!