Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Post In Which I Reveal Hubby's Lack of Fashion Sense.

I have an embarrassingly large number of reasons for loving my husband the way I do. He's good and decent, sweet and thoughtful, smart and retina-searingly gorgeous. Plus, he brushes his teeth first thing in the morning and I think we can all agree that this gesture goes a long way toward ensuring marital harmony. But I've got to say that conversations like the ones we have about his wardrobe are a big part of his appeal. Take the discussion we had one morning when he announced, "Honey, I need new socks."
"I just bought you new socks."
"I know but I need socks I can wear with sandals." Silence. "Honey? Did you hear me? I need socks I can wear with my sandals. Where would I find some like that?"
"Well, Sweetheart, I think they are on the same aisle as the black dress socks that are to be worn with Bermuda shorts."
"Oh. No socks with sandals?"
"Got it."

How can I not love a man who amuses me like this on a daily basis?