Friday, June 09, 2006

Negotiating With Son

Mom: Son, would you please gather up the trash, take it outside and then take it to the curb?

Son: Um, that’s not my job.

Mom: Excuse me?

Son: Gathering it all up and stuff. It’s not my job. I’m more in the transportation department.

Mom: Meaning?

Son: I just take the big can out to the curb. I don’t gather it up or anything. It's not my department.

Mom: I see. Well congratulations! You’ve just been promoted! You are now working in the Rubbish Collection, Packaging and Relocation Department!

Son: (With much rolling of the eyes) Well do I get a pay raise with this promotion?

Mom: Maybe. How much are you making now?

Son: Nothing.

Mom: Right. Okay, tell you what. I’ll give you a five percent raise.

Son: Excellent!

Son is a tough negotiator. If he were better at math, he’d probably break us before he’s twelve.


Ronni said...

I tried to get paid for setting the table and doing the dishes.

No dice.

Mgt said...

Who needs Maths, when you are that smart?!

Careful Stacey. He is going to out-smart you really soon. if he isn't already!

Mgt said...

How did Mr Enquiring Mind, react when you got home?

Stacey said...

Mgt, Mr. E figured out he is smarter than we are a long time ago. He's just humoring us because he can't drive or use the microwave.

By the time we got home he had already taken grandma for a few bucks so he hasn't complained too much. Yet.

Mgt said...

You must be so relieved that he is firing on all cylinders, Stacey.

Oh, I hope you had a wonderful break. No disrespect to Mr E, but it is so good to get the chance to let it all go.

Just the ticket, when you know your child is in the safest of hands.

I love your stories, Stacey.