Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just Because He Loves Me

For some time now, I've feared that one day I will be on the news. Not in a good way either. I worry that I will be led from my home in handcuffs and escorted to a waiting police cruiser all the while screaming, "You don't understand! Do you have ANY idea how many times that man snoozes his alarm clock? HE HAD IT COMING!!"

I've mentioned before that Hubs and I have very different approaches to beginning the day. I am a very light sleeper. I routinely wake up instantly, sitting bolt upright in bed, every nerve standing at attention and breathing like I've just outrun a five-year old on a sugar high simply because I heard a jarring, sleep-shattering sound, like a hummingbird dropping a feather on a cobweb twenty miles away.

Hubs on the other hand? Well, remember that bed George Jetson had that would just disappear into the wall, propel him onto a conveyer belt that would eventually get George showered, dressed, groomed and out of the house? I have wept tears of envy over the life of bliss this device must have afforded Jane, his wife.

Hubs is pathologically incapable of waking up with the first alarm. Or the second. Or the sixth. He has an elaborate system that involves three different clocks, and his cell phone but the fact is, I realized years ago that he doesn't set the alarm so that HE will wake up. He sets the alarm so I will wake up and then somehow wake him.

This has caused many, let's call them "discussions" at our house. He contends that if I were to get up at the same time he does, he would have no problem. Being the accomodating soul I am, I tried this. The only thing that happened was I was up, dressed, ready to go and he was still hitting snooze.

I've kept water guns next to the bed, dousing him in the morning. He reacts by wiping his face on the comforter and going back to sleep. I've tried rolling him out of bed, but he just keeps sleeping.

Last month the situation changed. I now have to be at work early in the morning before Hubs even pretends he's going to wake up. I've wondered how he manages to get up without me there to inflict bodily harm, but I suspect it has a lot to do with Son pestering his father for breakfast now that Mom is off kitchen duty until lunch-time.

And so it came as no surprise when Hubs announced, "You know, I don't even hear you get up or get ready or anything."

"Really? I am SHOCKED."

"No, really. I sleep right through it."

"I know. And don't think I'm not terrified that the house will burn down with you and our son in it, simply because I'm not here to point out that you're on fire and may want to think about getting out."

"Yeah. You know, this would be a really good way for you to get rid of me. It would totally look like an accident."

"I suppose, but what about Son? I wouldn't want him to get hurt."

"Oh, just do it on a day you can take him to work with you."

"Right, that wouldn't look suspicious at all. But I do appreciate the thought. It's sweet of you to give me pointers for bumping you off."

"I do what I can."

Yes. Right. He'll do practically anything for me. That is, he will as long as it doesn't involve waking up.


Nadine said...

Stacey, it's so considerate of That Man to help you plot his accidental demise. Usually they're so uncooperative about that sort of thing.

I can relate to the difficulty in waking him. At one time, we had a fire alarm bell on a timer and that went off every morning. Picture the cartoon cat. You know, the one that jumps straight into the air and stays there for several seconds with every hair on its body sticking out everywhere, legs going every which way. That would be my reaction to "The Bell" going off every morning. Meanwhile, Hubs would lie there for a full minute wondering what that noise was.

I'm telling you, it's justifiable homicide.

Ronni said...

In our house, Jim is the light sleeper. I don't sleep in, and usually wake up on my own, but he startles awake.