Saturday, January 09, 2010

If Only He Could Remember These Conversations The Next Day

A few nights ago, I was in bed trying to defy the powers of the insomnia gods and actually go to sleep when Hubs came in. He climbed into bed and within minutes was snoring. This ability he has to fall asleep like that confounds me. I'm desperate to find out how he does it.

Once the snoring had escalated to "affect the rotation of the earth" levels, I gave up and since my laptop is kept right next to my bed, I pulled it over and started reading some of my favorite blogs. A friend noticed I was on-line and we proceeded to chat. At last, I started feeling sleepy and so I put the computer back and tapped Hubs gently on the shoulder.

"Hey," I whispered. "Would you mind turning onto your side?"

"Why?" he mumbled. You're the one that's snoring. I'm not even asleep."

"Well if you're making that kind of noise while you're awake you may want to have it checked out because that's not normal."

"What are you talking about? I'm just laying here trying to sleep. Which is hard to do with you snoring and clickety-clacking on your computer."

"What?? That doesn't even make sense. Ok, look, I'll admit to being on the computer. I'll even show you time-stamped posts which, due to their coherency and mostly correct spelling point to the fact that I was, in fact, awake when I made them."

"I was awake. I know I was because I could HEAR THE SNORING."


"Oh. Ok. So why were YOU snoring then?"


"Well if I turn on my side, I have to take out my headphones. Are you okay with that?"

"Why would I care one way or the other?"

"Well if you start to snore it'll wake me up. If I have my headphones in I can't hear anything."

"You can't hear anything? Like snoring? Or someone typing?"


"I give up."

This. THIS is why I often need naps. Also, I'm stealing his headphones.


Shane's Angie said...

Maude my dear, you have a way with words...but not in a special sort of a good way, but certainly not special.

stacey said...

Oh no, I'd never dream of thinking I was special. As Mom says, if I think I'm special I'll grow up feeling entitled and we can't have that.