Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Slight Flaw in His Logic

Note: I have been informed by brother that I meant to say iPod Touch. Not iTouch. I stand corrected.

For various reasons, Hubs and I have set family rules regarding Son's computer use. For example, any computer he has access to is to be kept in common areas of the house, no computer in his room, passwords have been set so he can't go on-line unless either Hubs or I log him on and he isn't to use the computer unless there's an adult present. Son has made it known that these rules are outrageously harsh and extreme. Our response: "Tough."

We have relaxed some of the rules a bit over time as he has demonstrated the ability to stay out of trouble. For Christmas, Son received an iTouch. This is a HUGE show of trust since with the iTouch he can pretty much by-pass most of the rules. But, as I said, he has earned our trust. New rules have been put in place, of course. And he's so determined to show us he'll comply he's even set some himself.

"Ok, Mom? I want you to know, I appreciate the trust you're showing by giving me this, and to prove it I've put a password on my iTouch."


"I put a password on my iTouch. So I can't get on-line unless you or dad enter the password."

"YOU password protected your iTouch with a password that only YOU know?"

"Yep!" He patted me on the shoulder reassuringly. "See? I'm totally obeying the rules."

"Right. So you set a password and you're keeping it a secret from yourself so you aren't tempted to get on-line?"


"Are you planning to share the password with us?"


I'm not sure whether to be insulted or concerned that he thinks I won't see the flaw in his reasoning. Maybe both?


Harmony said...

Oh, I am so afraid to have a teenager! Guess I should have thought of that before I had any infants...

Krys72599 said...

Hey, I give him an A for effort!
That's ingenious!
Wish I'd have been so creative when I was younger!!!

stacey said...

If I may, Dear Anonymous, I heard something a few months ago that I thought was brilliant.

"Knowledge is not power. Correct not power. It is the application of correct knowledge, combined with practicing the principles of accurate knowledge...therein lies the power." Interesting, huh?

Smita Tewari said...

We love your rambling. Not to worry! Keep it up- writers love 'words'

lori said...

Hi there - I stumbled across your blog, by hitting "next" on blogger blogs that came up, about 30 times and yours made me stop and read. Just wanted to say, You're funny!

stacey said...

Lori, thank you for the kind compliment!

moi said...

Heh! and har-dee-har-har. Bach in the day we had the first macintosh which was like a wee cotton gin and was used soley as a word processor for daughters' term papers. I remember having to drive to Huntington Station NY to have a part replaced at 9 pee em in the middle of an aforementioned term papah.

Bach to the future, you can tell your son that the children of MADONNA are not allowed to have television or computers and are completement regulated by a staff of 30 adults. This is on good authority! My French daughter Amelie Pasquier is Lola's homeroom teacher and math teacher at Lycee Francais in NYC. Don't all parents of teenagers wish that we had had a staff. At least I needed a wife, a driver and a secretary and still do and mine are now 39, 37, and 31.
The 11 and 9 year old grands are fully monitored. They now have a wii. a wee? whatever. The most freedom is had by my almost 3-yr-old Lilly grand as her mommy is a programmer and website designer!
Gina aged 9 made a video of her model horse collection and put it on youtube. It is a riotous thing. Charlie at 11 is into blasting rockets and WWII airplanes.

Blather is my middle name! Thanks for having me Stacey...Praise Gawd I am too oldt to have teenagers. Granny-hood is good. xxoomoi